World Wrestling Network

Since 2016, Quazi Rockstar has worked with World Wrestling Network to increase live event attendance, expand market reach, and launch the streaming subscription service, Club WWN, that has become the backbone of WWN. Quazi Rockstar new promoter initiative programs, live event management, help desk support, media relations, and more for World Wrestling Network. During this time WWN has experienced increased ticket sales, establishment of new profitable markets, and a licensing agreement with World Wrestling Entertainment for WWN content & the ability to feature WWE contracted talent on Club WWN programming.

Club WWN was launched in December of 2017 as the online streaming subscription service and loyalty program for World Wrestling Network. Using Nerdageddon’s loyalty program model Club WWN offers the entire WWN video library and all live streaming events for only $9.99/mo. Quazi Rockstar helped WWN with initial concepts and eventual launch overseeing help desk & promotion of the service. Club WWN continues to grow hitting new highs each month for subscribers.

Quazi Rockstar handles all paid advertising for WWN including running social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. WWN has grown in reach on all platforms since working with Quazi Rockstar and credits these advertising campaigns for drastically increasing live event ticket sales resulting in more profitable events. The social media campaigns & content produced by Quazi Rockstar for WWN have also been featured on, VICE, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Yahoo News, Uproxx, and Rolling Stone Magazine.