Quazi Rockstar LLC is a Brand Management Marketing Firm run by Shalini Karnani & Chris T. Bonjour. 

Prior to earning her M.A. in Digital Arts from Goucher College in Baltimore,  Shalini spent 10 years producing, leading, and promoting radio broadcasts including highly rated shows in Chicago, IL; Lansing, MI; Kalamazoo, MI (where Chris and Shalini met) & Fort Wayne, IN. Shalini left the radio business in 2010 to take on the role of Communications Manager for the national organization SCORE (formerly the Service Corp of Retired Executives), a resource arm of the United States Small Business Administration. She joined Chris in 2013 after he started Quazi Rockstar LLC. 

Chris graduated with a Creative Writing degree from the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, IN. He has produced creative content for radio broadcasts, television shows, and digital media since 1999. Chris has toured doing stand up comedy working with talents like Rob Schneider, Doug Stanhope, & Hal Sparks. His written work has captured the Pictor Award for Fiction and placed on the UK Amazon Top 20 Best Seller list. Chris through Quazi Rockstar worked on marketing, web design, and promotions while contracting with SCORE, earning multiple accolades.

In 2014 Shalini & Chris opened a retail store in Brighton, Michigan. After it's second year Nerdageddon Comics Cards and Collectibles won the 2015 Detroit A-List Best Comic Book Shop and Facebook's 2016 Award for Best Comic Book Shop. Eager to help other small businesses navigate digital marketing, promotions, and branding, and looking for new experiences, Shalini & Chris decided to sell their brick and mortar business to focus on other exciting projects. 

Quazi Rockstar LLC handles a variety of responsibilities for clients including Social Media, Promotions, Event Assistance, and Brand Management. Tap into decades of experience in a wide variety of mediums to BE A ROCKSTAR. Your way.